Safety Tips In Online Dating

People use to do online dating now.  People who don’t have a chance to actually court someone or do not have time for real dating ended up using the internet to fulfill their needs. Online dating is more likely a risk that most people do try to take. Some people got lucky and some people either got heart-broken, scammed or unlucky to find love no matter how they tried. There are people who are using online dating just to scam people who are innocent.

Here are the tips that might guide you while doing the online dating.


Here is the first thing you should remember when dating online. When people ask about your income, or how much exactly do you earn a month; then consider it a warning.

Online dating is made to get to know someone over the internet, but when people ask you about money matters, specially during the first few days of chatting online; then consider it some kind of scam that will just end you up into broken heart. (not all but it is better to avoid them).

There are some instances that people who you are chatting might actually ask you to send them money and give you some dramas or story that will melt your heart. Do not do that.Don’t bite it! Giving them once just because you pity them will end up badly for you. It’s either, they will love you for your money, or use you to get their life in a better place. Remember, you are not someone else’s bank, or accountant!


Filling up online form for your profile is something which is necessary to do in order to find people who match to your quality and interest, or match to what you want to find. Picture? Well, it is something needed to put so people can identify you or even have at least a little idea who they are chatting with or who are you chatting to; but remember that some people are being dishonest through their picture. Some people thought that putting someone else’s photo specially some good-looking ones (photo) will help them to get someone’s attention. So beware that; some people who you are chatting or dating through online might not be the person in the photo that appears in the profile. There are people who pretend to be a woman/man on the profile photo,but are actually the opposite gender in real; they are those who are scamming using someone else’s face. It will be a good idea if you would actually ask them to go over the live camera to show who they actually are. That is all up to you!

Information? Remember to separate private information that is not needed for anyone to know yet. Email is one of them. It is good to separate personal email (business, family, banks, etc)  to email you are using when registering to dating sites. It is good to start it like that to avoid mess, spam, and avoid receiving some prank emails. When the right time comes, that you already found someone who you think you can trust, and fully known; that’s the time you can finally give it to her/him. (The decision is on you.)


This is really important safety tip that you shouldn’t ignore. There are times which people thought they know someone better over the internet and so they start to trust them despite of length they dated or distance in between; knowing that they care. Some people might ask you to show your naked body over the live camera or video to prove of your love or promise you to send money in return. Either way, you shouldn’t do it. There are many rude, crazy and maniac people over the internet, and you will never know if they are one them. They might record everything, and put it in any social networks and so you will end up victim of your actions.

If other ask naked body on video or live camera, other people are asking for naked photo. Same thing; do not do it! It is for your own good!


Here is one of the most common issues of those people who are dating online. Someone will tell you that they send you some package, that consists jewelries, some money, gadgets, etc. but is hold by a carrier in some other country and not allowed to receive in the country of destination(where you reside) because you needed to pay something so you could receive it. They will give you contact information; including the name of the the person who will be receiving money and process the delivery of the said package and the amount you have to pay. Do not believe in those people!!! As soon as you do what is instructed to you, you will never receive any package and never will hear anything from the one you are chatting to.


Meeting personally is where you are heading when you find someone who you have interest to, but you have to consider things before that. Online dating is good but sometimes doesn’t end up the same way for the other people. So why consider planning to meet?

Let say, a man/woman is willing to meet you but he/she doesn’t have that enough money to spend for air-ticket. (for those who are dating far/other nations). Do not send them money so he/she can buy ticket to meet you. Do not take the risk of being heartbroken and victim of scam. If you really want to meet him/her personally, you either buy him/her ticket and send it, or you go fly by yourself all the way to his/her country to meet.

Why buy her ticket instead of sending her money so he/she can purchased? There are many people who do scam for a living. She/ He will receive the money you sent but never buy the ticket which supposed to be the way so you two can finally meet up. It’s sad! They will make alibis, or give you any possible reason; or in worst they will just disappear, and you will never hear anything from them, ever!

6. MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME (Hotel, money, jewelries, credit cards)

Let say you’ve gone to far from the online dating. You are finally ready to  meet someone who you think will be part of your life or just someone special.

If you decided to go to hotel, or sleep with him/her during the first meeting; it is important that you still keep an eye to yourself, take some precautions, and still consider yourself at the edge of what you are hoping for, specially when you are not in your own country.

You may want to consider using your safety box in the hotel room when you let the one who you are dating to sleep over and spend the night with you. Put your wallet, jewelries, credit cards, passport, and any other valuable things you have inside the safety box, without him/her knowing your safety-pin. You do not want to wake up the next morning without a person who you meet online, took your money, and everything you have. You do not want to take the risk, and end up beggar in the country you are not familiar with.

You can also try to put some money just somewhere around the hotel room where it is visible, and see what will happen the next day, when you wake up. If it is there and left untouched, then lucky for you. Consider it a good start, but still get to know each other well.

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