Camera vs Boredom

How many of you are experiencing massive boredom from time to time? How do you overcome or cope-up this kind of emotional state? Are you the person who rather sleep, or you preferred to get rid of it by forcing yourself to  perform some activity?

We do have differences in order to overcome this emotional state, and I preferred to do it by playing with my camera. Yes, I played with it and as much as possible do fun with the colors. I liked the outcome, and it doesn’t matter for me if other people might think my work is some kind of “Trash”. This temporary insanity that drove me into putting myself to competition itself; whether the camera or the boredom wins the rest of my emotion.

So here you go:

1. The Dining Table

Mother in-law's dining table.

Mother in-law’s dining table.

2. The Scary Cup of Coffee.

Cup of Coffee

Cup of Coffee

3. The Flower Ship Surrounded by the Islands.

The Flower Ship, and the Islands.

The Flower Ship, and the Islands.

4. Island Dessert

Island desserts

Island desserts

Well, I think I the camera do the job, boredom? Well, you can tell! ♥♥♥


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