Failure or Challenge?

Few days back I found myself so much  interested in photography; so I decided to register into some website where I can sell my photos. One of the steps to become a contributor is to send original samples of photo and wait for the confirmation if they accepted it or not. Since I just have really few good photos at that time, I just tried sending those which what I thought was best among my photos. I sent and waited for three days, for confirmation. I knew they wouldn’t accept it because I saw other photos on that page and it was really clear and awesome, so I did prepared myself for disappointment that they wouldn’t approve my application, even though I passed to their exam.

So the day has come, (Today) and they finally send me e-mail regarding to my application. Unluckily! I didn’t pass to their standard quality.(which I assumed) They asked me to send them another samples after a month, so I think I would do better by that time. I have been registered to 4 websites, and so far I have been twice rejected, and others are still pending for their approval. Although, the other one who rejected me, says that one sample photo of mine would be accepted, if the other nine will be also approved, (which are not) so I kept that one photo and sent it to other website. (Giggling)

My husband has been very supportive. He even go with me finding something interesting to take photo with. He was reading and looking for some useful book over the internet and last night he printed that for me, to have guidelines. (Which is very sweet of him) He also looked for camera, which will help me do better. We haven’t decided yet if I will need to buy new camera. Although, maybe it will be helpful to have one. (Giggling)

So, I am still waiting for the approval of my application to other two website, and hoping that at least one or two of my photos would be accepted. (Cross fingers)

Meanwhile, I was practicing over and over again. I read something that helps me with “Focus and white balance”. I just felt being challenge as soon as I received the e-mail. I don’t feel sorry at all, but instead I felt how much I wanted to get the approval to be a contributor. I wanted to do more, and I guess it is how it is. It is what do they called “pursuing better” that even though you have been rejected and you think you are a failure at the end of the day you will still reasons to pursue.

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