Budu se učit čeština dnes. (I will learn Czech today)

I haven’ t open my book for like a month now, I stopped because I needed a break for all the pressure from this studying and many things in my mind. Today, as I woke up; after I had my coffee, I open my net-book and I immediately looked for my Facebook account and then it turns that nobody seems to like talking to me over the Facebook right now, and then I realized that there are more important things to do today, rather than spending my time surfing the Facebook.

I ran to the bathroom, where our washing machine is placed, and then I put all the white clothes and start spinning. I went back to the living room and grabbed my net-book  again and my book but this time  it was’t about Facebook. I decided to start reading and learning Czech language (Český jazyk) again. This time I felt in my heart the willingness and excitement again; something that are really needed when learning something. Perhaps, the pressure is gone from my head and now I am able to start again hoping that I will finish reading the books before end of this month.

First thing I wanted to do is to review every lesson (Lekce) I learned before I stopped studying, so I will be able to recall what I already knew. So far, I have 14 lessons (čtrnáct lekcí)to review and 6 more lessons to learn. Well it’s not that all, because after this book; I will need to start reading the other batch. (Giggling)

So anyway, to share with you some knowledge here are greetings in Czech. If you ever visited Czech, I think you may like to speak at least some of their greetings, and etc. So let’s begin:

Hello (Good day)- Dobrý den

Hi- Ahoj, Čau, Nazdar

Good morning- Dobré Ráno

Good afternoon- Dorbré Odpoledne

Good evening- Dobrý Večer

Good night- Dobrou Noc

Good bye- Na shledanou

How are you?- Jak se máš (For friends) Jak se máte (For formal approach)

Have a nice day!- Hezký Den 

I am not sure if I include everything, that is all I remember for now. Apologies if I have mistaken some word, I am not sure if all my readers are just English speaker or maybe also Czech. (Giggling)

Apologies in Czech:

Sorry- Promiň

Excuse me- Promiňte

I’m so sorry- Je mi líto

Okay, I think that is all for now. I need to go study again. Good bye (Na shledanou)

Have a nice day! (Hezký den)

2 comments on “Budu se učit čeština dnes. (I will learn Czech today)

  1. Ahoj Aničko, very interesting blog, czech republic from really exotic perspective of Philippine girl !
    I can say you have courage to move so far from your home country!
    I was a little sad from your blog entry “Nobody wants to be my friend”.
    As we are growing up, we are feeling more and more alone in the world, it is common and many if not all people feel like it.
    You have your husband, family and childrens in future of course to not be alone.
    Maybe if you are bored and sad, you can take czech medicine, and adopt some little cute puppy who will hunt you all day, nible your ankles and force you to go out:)

    • Ahoj 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by. You’re right, it was really far from my country, from my family too, but it’s fine I started to get used to that and we are also visiting them every year (not enough but it’s better than never). 😀

      About the blog entry “Nobody wants to be my friend”well, I was kind of sad too when I wrote that article. I must say, It’s has been very hard finding a good and true friend, ever since. When I was still studying, I never mingle to other kids, since I am only going to school, and after the class, I was going home to do my homework, etc. But I have few when I was high school, and college, but now that we are all far apart; it is so impossible to keep in touch specially with our time differences and my sleeping problem, that makes worst of catching them online, on FB, etc.

      When I came here to Czech Republic, it’s even impossible because of the language barriers, reason why I pushed myself hard into learning step by step. Hoping, once I learned it will be quite easier to socialize especially to our neighbors. Few weeks back we finally broke the sell to our neighbor. 😀 We are now friends, but we are not often seeing each other because they have work, and coming late in the evening.

      About the puppy. 😀 I was asking my husband to buy me one so I can go somewhere and at least have some company with me, but we are also concern about our neighbor. We don’t want to disturb them at night from the noise of puppy, and we are often traveling so we don’t have anyone to take care of it.

      We lived in one building before where our neighbors have puppies, almost everyone in the building, and they are making so much noise at night, hard to sleep, so we are concern that neighbors will be uncomfortable; maybe when we will have huge house. 😀

      Best Regards,

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