Sometimes we must be sadist to be able to discipline our partner in awesome way without hurting him/her!

I am type of woman who always want clean, not just place where I live but also at myself. I can’t walk comfortable without slippers on. I used socks but not enough; there should be slipper even in the carpet. I probably tried to avoid my socks in getting dirty so I will not have hard time washing it. True, but also because I just can’t live without slipper. Reason why I have lots of them!

Guess what? If I am the woman who always wanted to have slippers on, well my husband doesn’t. He was just okay with socks; he is not much comfortable when wearing slippers. Though he was like that, I still convinced him to buy slippers for him. We went to shop and he choose something same like my first slippers just different color for him. Oh yeah, still being sweet even in the smallest things like that. He really did wear it, but just from time to time.

He always has just socks on. Oh yeah, I always need to remind him to wear his slipper because I don’t like to see him not wearing it. One reason is because I am used to have slipper and I wanted him to do the same, but the other reason was, he always have dirty socks, not just dirty but dirty white socks.

To discipline him from that, I made this policy inside the flat. “No slipper, you pay”.  Since he wasn’t wearing slipper every time, and making his socks a bit dirty, I got this idea few weeks back. Well, if he wasn’t able to discipline himself, I’m going to do it by myself. I’m on it!

I surprised him, and he never expected that I’m going to do something like that. While we were in the bed, I sat on his face and told him,

“From this day forward honey, you’ll need to wear that slipper. If not, then you’ll pay me 100kc (Czech koruna) I mean it”.

He responded to me, and he hasn’t any choice,

“Okay, okay honey, I will, I promise”.

Yeah, that was just an empty promised. (Giggling) He did promise because I wasn’t let him breath until he said that he’ll going to wear that freak slipper. 100 if he will not wear slipper, that is not much. So far, so good! He often used, and probably because he was scared to pay much just because of that slipper.

Twice, he forgot to wear it and he paid me a total of 200kc. Whoops! I got you my dear. Well, never think I am abusing that ‘cause I am not using that money for buying anything I want. I actually kept it, really much. Totally tied up somewhere here, and locked up like gold.

I am just starting, and will do more. Do more for a happy, and put so much flame in relationship. Keeping the way to be disciplined, and do more to keep so connected between each other.



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