Implantation Bleeding or Not! (Topic is for women)

Few days back, I have been very busy searching over the internet about this called “Implantation Bleeding”. Why? Well, so far the only thing I can share to you guys is that; My period was late, and then I got some very light bleeding (if it’s really period or not) 2nd of October. In the morning when I woke up, it was brown. Since I still wanted to get more sleep, I went to toilet and put tampon (scared that I would mess up the bed sheets).

The moment, I finally got up from the bed. I removed my tampon out, and noticed that it wasn’t even full. (I used only small, because I ran out of big ones.) I slept more than fours hours from the time I put the tampon, maybe more. So I was confused! The next day, I don’t even need to put any tampon. I used only panty-liner and then I noticed that whenever I went to the toilet, and wiped after; there are always few light blood in the tissue paper, but my panty-liner was clear, no stains at all! That night, I again put panty-liner, and when I woke up the third day. Again! The panty-liner was clear, and only has blood whenever I urinate.

So from 2nd of October until 6th of October I am spotting, (still no idea about today) and I don’t really know what was happening. I shared my thought to my husband because it started to bother me more. I took a home pregnancy test 1st of October and came out negative. I took a test 4th of October and I got another negative test.

Because of curiosity  I ended up with the help of Mr. Google. I tried to look if some women are experiencing same situation like mine, and hoping that it will actually help me.

So as what I read, Implantation Bleeding happens only to almost 30% of women. It could be brown, or pinkish discharge which is very light, and don’t even need to use pads or tampon.  Some actually have it more than 6 days and came out positive as soon as the spotting stopped completely. Others have implantation bleeding only for 1-2 days, but they said we have different cases so better watch and observed your body.

So I guess that is all I got for now. I still have big question mark inside my head whether I had Implantation Bleeding or not. So I think I’ll try to take home pregnancy test again, today, or tomorrow. I don’t exactly know if my spotting has completely stop this time or not, because as I observed it mostly came unexpected, so maybe I’ll have it again later today. I can’t tell.

Another information: My husband and I are TTC (trying to conceive). We started beginning of September. I usually have heavy flow from first day to third day of my cycle, and completely stopped on the fourth day. When I say heavy flow I am usually using large tampon, and needed to change in the middle of the night. So what happened last October 2, was really new to me. So I hope someone out there can share their experience.

So if someone maybe reading this article. Please do share your experience for those who also looking for an answer, and for those women like me who are confused about this kind of stuff.


Had home pregnancy test 11  of October and still have negative result, so I believed that I am so not pregnant, and probably got Hormonal changes only. (It happens) So I guess we keep trying… Cross fingers. (Giggles)

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