Last Minute Christmas Shoppers!!!

Two years ago (2010), I am one of those “Last Minute Christmas Shopper”, but honestly? I learned my lesson that year. How? Well, we shopped gifts like 2 days before the Christmas day, so when we arrived to gift shops (kid stuffs), we don’t have anything more to choose from. Even the gift wrappers are out of stock. So we don’t have any choice than to get some other simple wrapper without Christmas logos, etc. (Giggling) At least we never had to buy birthday gift wrapper. I remember, we don’t even have anything like sauce for the spaghetti, and we realized it during the Christmas day. Pity! Well, we ran into the store but every stores are closed. What do we expect! I was so pissed off to myself that moment, because I felt so stupid, that I even forgot to buy important ingredients for the food which we will eat.

Ever since that day, I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do that again. So last year 2011, I think I did better in shopping foods, and gifts, but the problem was; I messed up the gift wrapper.. again (Giggling)

So this year (2012), I asked my husband that we should shop earlier, at least gifts. So last week, I started shopping gifts, and finished it in two days. I had so many things to choose from, so I think I got good ones which kids will like. Well, one thing you should know is that I started to buy gifts wrapper three weeks before Christmas day. Yeah, I did that!!! I remembered my husband told me,“Maybe it’s too early to buy that. Don’t you think?”

I said, “Nope! I am going to buy it now, because they have good ones. I don’t want to end up like last year. So I’ll buy it.”

So we ended up,  like 4 gift wrappers, stocked in our storage.Good thing. I am prepared! Two weeks before Christmas; the gifts are done, wrapped, and under tree. Unfortunately, haven’t seen gifts for me under the tree, maybe Santa forgot. (Giggling)

Sorry about the quality of photo.

Sorry about the quality of photo.

It’s a good thing you know; prepared and have nothing to think off during days before the Christmas celebration. You can relax and not be one of those people who are getting crazy in the shops, stress,or maybe depress,and causing traffic too.

Like what we saw few days back. We went to Prague to see this movie called “The Hobbit”. After the movie that lasted like three hours (including advertisements) we headed to the parking lot and tried to hit the road. Unfortunately, when we got out from the parking lot. We saw this huge traffic, and it took us like an hour before we got out and exit Prague. The road looks like a huge parking lot. Cars badly move, and wherever you look, you will see the same thing.  Before the Prague Exit, we saw this shopping mall called “Chodov”. I said nothing but “WOW”. Wow, because the traffic on the way to the parking lot of this mall was huge. Good guess I have that time was “No space at the parking lot at all”.  Reason why it caused more traffic that car wasn’t even moving at all. When we exit Prague, we were all glad, and happy. Finally!!!

Photo I took while I was at the back seat. I only use my phone, so sorry. That's the best I can do.

Photo I took while I was at the back seat. I only use my phone, so sorry. That’s the best I can do.

I remember my brother in-law said “People are crazy during Christmas.” We sure are! (Giggling)

Anyway, “Have a Merry….. Merry Christmas to all of you, and wish you all a Happy New Year”. 

Anicka ♥♥♥

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