Send Her Flowers Now!!!

Women are complicated, and yes I agree to that. I’m a woman too, and I must say, I am kind of complicated just the way it is. Women don’t usually speak-out when they wanted something. We want our man, partner, boyfriend to figure it out and surprise us as often as possible. It’s more like a game of guessing. Don’t walk away! It’s not bad at all.We just want to be pleased and want to feel more of a special person than anyone. That is why we also talk about our men, when we women are gathered together. We do speak about the best thing they do to us. Probably makes each of us be envy if we receive a greatest surprise from our men. That is how we do it.

Others says, “Flowers are too old tradition/Fashion”, but surely works all the time. That is why I said Flowers are Magical.

Surprised Flowers From Husband

Surprised Flowers From Husband

Yes, it’s maybe an old style to show us how you guys like us, but flowers have power that unexplained really!!

Nowadays, men used to just give luxury things to us women. Sure, why not? It makes us glamour,but honestly not all women like material things. Bags? Watches? Jewelries? You name it, I bet I want more flowers than those. Sure, flowers just can fade away, die, but that memories once a man handed it to us; that! That is surely going to last forever. No matter how quick that flowers die, the memories are forever. I can tell, because I kept remembering every single moment my husband gave me flowers. From the first to the very last.

Every single details are attached not just in my memory, but heart. Specially when there are notes in it. Those? Those are just perfect. I kept the notes, actually. I read them, once in a while and it makes me feel great. I know most women does the same thing.

I know some women who complains about their men. They said,“He gave me flowers only in my birthday, or our anniversary, other than that? Nothing.”

Most man does that. They thought women like us deserve to feel great about ourselves during the special occasions,but no. Women, loves surprises. We don’t need that often, but we just love something unexpected, in unexpected time. True? I guess yeah!!!

I remember when my husband and I are not yet married. We were just chatting over the internet, he asked for my address and the next thing I know, there was a delivery man in my doorstep asking for me. Handed me the flowers, and a box of chocolate with the notes in it saying,

” I hope the postman didn’t wake you up 🙂 Anyway there is also something that you might find useful when you’d be hungry in the night 😉

Have a nice day,”

It was one of the best days in my life. A surprise that nobody is able to figure out how it happened. My husband (by the time we are just starting to get to know each other) was in Czech and I was in the Philippines. I had no clue or anything at all. But it was awesome. It made me so special, and he doesn’t even need to say it. I knew, I am!!! That is how magical the flowers are.

He didn’t stop to that. I received more and more, and didn’t even get used to that. Every time, I received something; it seems like “wow, surprised!!”

You can easily compare flowers to any kind of jewelries. Jewelries and other material things are very predictable. How? Your man knows what you like in jewelries and things like that. You know what to expect. In flowers? It comes in different colors; different aroma; different arrangement; but most specially different message written in the note. How it became most unique? Because you are able to know what is in your man’s heart through the notes that belongs to the set of flowers. You don’t have to agree, but for me? It was, and always is.

My husband didn’t gave me flowers only for a nice surprise, but he once sent me flowers too, saying sorry for once we argued in something, a long time ago. Yet, it end up giving me a big smile, and again “Wow, surprised.” 

But of course, men are different too. Some are sweet, some have bigger pride to even say sorry or say I love you to the one they like/love, some are just pretending they do not care at all.

So all I can say is that Flowers are Magical and we women deserve to smile, be happy, and get surprise once in a while.

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