Inline Skating

Rollerblade for both of us.

Rollerblade for both of us.

Here in Czech Republic, most people are using Rollerblade, and having some fun with it during spring and summer. So about a week back, my husband thought about buying it, when I mentioned the word “I’m bored”. He actually doesn’t like the sound of it, so he decided that it’s probably the best time to learn something like inline skate. So yesterday, my husband and I went to shop and we bought Inline or also called “Rollerblade”.  Well, it’s not just the Rollerblade but also some gear. He knew the fact that I haven’t tried it before, and well, he never does it also for so long. (I think about more than 10 years ago.) I guess. So to make sure that I am perfectly safe as a beginner, we bought all the necessary gear; including the helmets, safety gear for knees, elbow and hands.

As soon as we brought these at home I can’t wait to try it. I never thought it was that difficult for the first time. Especially for me, who never tried it, my whole life? I tried to do it with my husband’s help, at our hall. I almost fell and honestly, I quit that fast. (Giggling) I ended up saying “Honey, Can you please carry me to the bedroom. (with my Rollerblade on!)

My Rollerblade with all my safety gears.

My Rollerblade with all my safety gears.

My husband's Rollerblade and safety gears.

My husband’s Rollerblade and safety gears.

My husband can’t stop laughing while carrying me and moving me from hall to bedroom.

It was really funny, because I can’t really stand straight with it. So it’s really dangerous for me. I tried it at the bedroom, which we have smaller space but I can grab something whenever I think I’ll fall. Well, I still don’t have any luck on learning. I can’t even go without holding at the window corner. My husband tried it too, and he did great. So I envy him! I told myself sooner I’ll be able to do it too.

So then again, today while my husband was at the office; I used my time alone by practicing at the kitchen and living room. I almost fell to the floor, but I managed to balance myself for the first time, but still not good enough.

Well, I think I’m great and will keep you updated from my new adventure of learning how to inline skate.

2 comments on “Inline Skating

    • Thank you. 😉
      Still new for me,my husband told me it’s best training for ice skating so I guess maybe next winter I will be able to try it then. That is if I’ll have best luck using rollerblade, and I’ll not break my legs from it. 😉 It’s quite a fun though…
      Maybe you should start doing it again.

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