So what happens now?

The silence in every corner of our home is kind of killing me, so I decided to write-up a little bit of 2 days old conversation with my husband.

While I was sitting in the dinning table with my books, (learning language) my husband sat next to me. He was eating his own homemade pasta, and surprisingly asked me, “How many kids would you like?” I was in a little bit of shock, I don’t even know why he asked me the question. He never usually ask because he doesn’t want to talk about it baby or kids, not until we are there (The day which we planned to do it.)

I asked him, “I wanted two but I’m sure I will not want more than three. Why are you asking me that right now?” 

I was just wondering why he really asked me. I mean, I really want to talk about kids, but I always hesitate to talk with him about it, because I know how is he going to react, and I don’t really want to upset him by any means. I know him well, and conversation about having kids, shouldn’t last for  10 minutes. It must be over! I already expected that from the very second he opened his mouth. (Giggling)

He responded, “Nothing, I am just curious.” 

Yes, that is all our conversation. (Giggling) I told you it’s not going to last!

Well, he love me so much, and he isn’t ready to share me with someone else yet. Not just yet!

So have a great day!


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