Let’s talk!!!

My husband and I? Well, we talked and communicate, and we keep our conversation in a regular basis. We never hide anything from each other, even in the smallest detail; we always share. I think, that is one of the important foundation of a healthy and strong marriage relationship. Yes, we both are glad to have chance to share, because through communication, we can easily find out the problem; if there is, and we can easily be aware of our feelings.

If there is something we never actually talks about that often is regarding the “kids/baby”. It’s not because we hate kids or we are not planning to. We just wanted to at least enjoy every moments left as a couple; no baby/kid, no responsibilities, and yeah, no one to share the attention with. My husband is a very loving person; and I do understand why he doesn’t want to talk much about that issue.

There is nothing wrong about that. I know that having kid is a full responsibility, and no one can know unless you are in the actual situation. I am glad that he is a person who actually thinks and plan for our future. As a respect to what he wants; I never tried to open any serious conversation about kids, although sometimes it cannot be avoided. (Giggling)

So yesterday, he was on the way home to office. We decided to meet at the supermarket, to buy stuffs for home. When we were at the mall, we stopped-by first at the KFC, to eat something. He is starving and I am too. (Sigh) While we were sitting and waiting for our order; my husband saw Asian guy, and Czech woman with their kid. They were eating next to our table. My husband says “That’s weird, baby looks more like Czech. Kid never have any looks from his father (Asian).”

For me, it’s not normal to hear that my husband actually share his thoughts about kid stuff. Then we started to talk about our possible future kids.



Me:“Well, if we will have baby then that is the time we will know who actually have strong genes. “

Him: “Yeah, but I want our baby to have your nose.”

Me: “Why my nose? It’s not pointed, I like yours better.”

Him: “I like your nose, its cute and small.”

Me: “If you want our future kids to have my nose, then I want them to have your hair color (Giggling)”

Him: “Aha, okay then… I want them to have your skin tone.”

Me: “hmm, okay then. You think they will be more like me or more like you? “

Him: “I don’t have any idea, but if there is something I want… I want them to have my heart, and not like yours.”

Me: “What? Why?”

Him: “‘Cuz your hearth is too soft, pitiful, and so good. I mean too good. If they will have same like yours then, they would also be sad when they see beggars on the street, or feel pity once they came home after seeing some beggars.”

Me: “Was that so bad to have soft hearth?”

Him: “No, but I wanted them to have mine, so they will be strong, but in some spot; there is soft side. They will not suffer in their life; and also… so I will have just one person to think about how to calm down.. only you (Laughing)”

So that is how are conversation, went out. In the end, we only wanted our future kids, to be healthy, and respectful.





One comment on “Let’s talk!!!

  1. You are both making beautiful memories Anicka to hold onto for your old age but when the little ones do arrive they will probably look like their Grandparents or uncle Bob or Aunty Mary … such is life 😀

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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