So as you all know, I came from the family with a very simple life. We have loving parent that taught us not just to be responsible, to respect, discipline, love, and care for each other, but to live life simple but with dignity. Simple life, that cannot be considered perfect but close enough to be. We are four siblings; two brothers, and two sisters, and yes I am the youngest.

Guy wearing a black t-shirt is my eldest brother. From the left is the arrangement of who was next from who. (Giggling)

So here is my second to the eldest brother. He always pretend to be someone who isn’t him. Surfing using the few parts of coconut leaves on the sand? Well, I guess I miss seeing this kind of stuff and missing having fun with them all. If there is the funniest person in the family, then he is the one. (Giggling) He just love what he is doing every time.

So here is my sister who is third from the eldest. Look how happy we were back then. Well, you may not see my face in this photo because my sister just lifted her arm just to cover-up my face (for fun of course) Deeply, I miss everyone. I sometimes thinking about all of them before going to bed. Now, my sister will step up to the next level of her life. She just got married today 5th of September, although I didn’t make it to attend the wedding, I know for sure that deep in their heart; they know that I am wishing all the best for her.

Here is my Mom and Dad. I called them “Inay and tatay”. Well,I guess there isn’t any words that would describe them as best. They just love each other, and they are the best parent ever! They are happy, but of course like a normal people; they sometimes sad, missing us; far from each other and there is just few time to be together in a year. I often tell my husband, that I hope we will be just like them; happy, strong relationship, and be able to raise our kids, the way they raised us all. I am not saying that, I don’t like his parents. I love them too, because they are good to me, and they deserve respect too, but  I don’t want us to ended up like his parents; I don’t want divorce.Ever since I was a child, I never want a life in the future like any other people who ended up divorce.My husband doesn’t like it too. He knew how does it feel to be a child of divorce parent. So I want us to be like my parents. Happy, and together while getting old.

Everyone has their own life now. My brothers and sister are also married, like me. (Giggling) We all are happy. Soon, I will have new possibly nephew or niece. I am not sure, but soon I will have it too. Oh life is good.

My family is getting bigger. The more new family member, the merrier we are. Although, it is harder and harder to keep everyone together. Well, I hope the next time, I visit Philippines; I wish we could have great family reunion. I would be so happy. I missed them all.

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