Letecký den – Airshow

September 16 was Flying day or so-called Airshow or in Czech language “Letecký Den”. My husband and I together with our friends visited the small airport in the city of Jihlava to witness the event/show where many pilots and different types of old and new aircraft’s have participated.

The show was already started when we arrived to the location. Also because we were stuck in a very huge traffic caused by the show. Many people were driving to that place; it was nice to go with kids, because they will also enjoy with this small carnival for them. There are toy stores, and cotton candy stand.

The weather was kind of unfriendly giving us both cold and hot at the same time.

I am not sure exactly if this show is every year or not, maybe I have to ask my husband about it. Anyway, we enjoyed the show. There were so much of exhibition happened up in the air. From world war two aircraft’s to newest one; from huge to smallest ones.

The only problem was, if you are not used to look up in the air for so long then I guess you’ll have problem with neck and backache for long-standing; for maybe about 2-3 hours. (giggles) Well, that is what happened to almost all of us, except my husband who usually exercise his back. He has more strength than anyone else.

Getting starve? Well, it wasn’t a problem. There are so many food in the area.

This was the first food we ever tried while we were there. The food on the left side are pigs. That meat was awesome,specially with few pieces of cucumber and some dressings. Well, if you are not fan of meat, then there are plenty of food to choice from.

Below are photos of other fun during the show.


So I guess that is all I can share for now. I got to do my home work from school today. Sorry, I haven’t post anything new and anything interesting.. I just got a little bit busy then ever. Anyway, the last airshow is the hot air balloon.

Have a great day ♥♥♥


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