My 24th Birthday (December 30)

Since I was very busy and excited on welcoming the “New Year 2013”; I forgot to share my own special day. So at the 30th of December, I celebrated my birthday with my husband and mother in-law. (Like always).

I remember, I woke up and checked my mobile phone. I had so many messages from my family in the Philippines. I was happy of course! Then there was this message from my mother in-law asking “Ahoj, muzu se dnes stavit”or in English “Hello, Can I stop-by today?” I didn’t really reply immediately, because I was still so sleepy, but I did later on.I said “Ahoj, muzes. Asi po 6” which means “Hello, you can. Maybe after 6”.

Then I went to the living room where my husband was working. He said, my mother in-law was asking him if she could stop-by, and he told her to ask me, Well,conversation was done that time.

That time, I was happy thinking that; I have a second mother here even if my real mother was out there and far away from me. My mother in-law treats me like her own daughter, maybe because she didn’t have any of her own. I don’t really know why.

The fact that my husband didn’t even remind her of my birthday; I am glad that she remembers.

Flowers from my husband on my 24th birthday.

Flowers from my husband on my 24th birthday.

That was a very nice flowers I got from my husband on my 24th birthday. It is still live right now, and hoping it will stay longer at least before we head to Prague for our flight.

This one is from my mother in-law, on my 24th birthday.

This one is from my mother in-law, on my 24th birthday.

She always does that. I meant, giving me flower every year in my birthday. Sometimes, she even asked me which one I like the most “Flowers from my husband, or flower from her.” But that question was just to make fun of me, because she knew I wouldn’t even say a word, about comparing, specially when it’s about husband and mother in-law. 🙂

These two are from my husband on 24th birthday. A perfume, and a new friend.

These two are from my husband on 24th birthday. A perfume, and a new friend.

There is a reason why he gave this new friend to me. He said that, I will be away from him for like a month before we will be together again. (When he arrive to Philippines too). So he wanted me to keep this new friend with me on the way to Philippines, so ‘ll have some company. For the first time I heard it from him, I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t. He was insisting to bring this, not in my luggage but in my hand-carry bag. (Giggling) When my mother in-law came that day, she also insisted that I should really bring it with me, by that they know I am not going to be sad. Well, about the perfume, he gave it to me because of its package. It was cute, and he knew the first time he saw it, that I would like it, maybe not the smell, but because of the package. (LOL)

I got a chocolate cake from mother in-law.

I got a chocolate cake from mother in-law.

Last year I never got a cake, because my husband forgot and my mother in-law doesn’t know that my husband didn’t get any for me. So This year, they talked on the day of my birthday, and planned who will bring the cake. (Giggling) So here it is. It is not just cake, I also got Ice Cream from her, and blue fish coin bank. She knew I am using coin bank ever since I arrived in Czech Republic. Keeping all the coins, and hoping to save from doing it.

So that is all! I celebrated my 24th birthday before year 2012 ended. It was simple, but much love and care from people closed to my heart. Not just the family I got in Czech Republic, but the family whose been there from the beginning; the family I have in the Philippines. I love them all. ♥♥♥

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