My Wish List

Do not say "NO" to this lovely Asian Wife. :)

Do not say “NO” to this lovely Asian Wife. 🙂

Sometimes it is hard for someone to give present to another person specially when they knew that he/she almost have everything that she/he will ever wanted. So why make everything so difficult? I think best way to do the gift giving easier as much as possible is to have a wish list; where you will put all things you wanted to have and so you wouldn’t miss anything, (and make sure the prospect person to grant your wish will surely see your own wish list.) So today I create my wish list and hoping that it will be granted at least some of them, or maybe I’ll buy them for myself. Let’s see.

1. Chanel Bag

I always wanted a Chanel bag but never had a chance to purchase one, so maybe I let it up to someone with a good heart. (Giggling) Okay the reason why I include Chanel bag is because? Wait let me think…… Nope,, no reason! Maybe because I am woman, and I have a need. (Giggling)

2. Michael Kors Bag

Just have this feeling that I have to get one of this bag. It’s pricey but probably worth it. Just love to add some in my collection.

3. Louis Vuitton Bag

I really love bags so I guess having one from each brand is not gonna hurt somebody’s pocket right? Or my pocket? I wasn’t really big fun of Louis Vuitton bag before (maybe because of its color) but I am starting to think that I should get one and see where it is going to lead me. Maybe it will lead me to poverty. Hope not!

4. Prada Bag

Just get me one! Will you? (desperate) I’m kidding, but sure I would love to have one. Who doesn’t? Race your hand? Never mind, don’t see it anyway. (Giggling)

I just think its cool to have one. You think?

5. Macbook Air ( 11″)

There is actually no reason for this one. I just thought I’d like to have one.

6. Dresses

I collect dress because I like to have lots of them in my closet. It’s because seeing them hanging in my closet makes me feel good about myself. I felt like I am spoiling my entire body by having them.

7. Shoes

I think most women do love to have shoes, like lots and lots of them. Well, I actually have more of them and still counting. Sometimes, it is even harder to pick what is best to wear in some occasion when you have lots of shoes to choice from, but having more is better I believe; the more shoes you have the better. (Giggling) I just want to have them all. But honestly, I am not a big fan of shiny shoes.

8. Accessories

Just give it to me. I am not so picky so I will welcome any kind of accessories. (lol)

9. Jewelry Box

I always wanted a jewelry box. Ever since I was a little girl; but there are things more important to priorities before, than to buy a very beautiful jewelry box. So now that I have some jewelries, I started to think about getting one, finally. I have been looking to some store here in our city before but I couldn’t find anything good and looks elegant. I always found some jewelry box for kids I believed! So now, I am including this jewelry box to my wish list.

Also because my jewelries are kind of mess in my secret box. They just spread there, no arrangement at all. Maybe jewelry box will do better. (Giggling)

10. Photo Frame/Portrait of my husband and I.

I always wanted a huge portrait to hang on the wall, but we still never get a chance to get one. I have plenty of photo to choose from but still… Well, let’s see.

11. House/Condo in the Philippines

Okay, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have anywhere to stay back in the Philippines; of course we do have. But I’d like to have some place to stay where I can say our own (husband and I). My husband doesn’t like the idea because nobody will be there anyway once we will be here in the Czech Republic; but we can rent it to anyone. I just really want to have one of my dream house/home standing in the Philippines. I know it’s not possible now, but I hope soon!!!

12. Car

Well, the problem with this wish list number 10 is that; I don’t really drive because I don’t know how to. But once I got it, I’ll enroll to driving school, promise… Or maybe I have to go first to driving school and get a license before I get it. But just so you know? I wish my husband to have one first before I do.. (Giggling)

Well, so far these wish list are the only thing that comes to my mind. Once I got something else come-up, I will make sure to put it right here. It’s gonna be a long list. So help me cross-out one by one!!!

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