Burning Of The Witches 2013 (Pálení Čarodějnic)

Every 30th of April, people in Czech Republic are celebrating Burning of the witches whether they live in a village or city. This tradition is being performed every year at the same date as they believe that if they continue the tradition; the power of the witches will weaken and finally the cold weather will go away and so the warm weather will come and start.

I wrote an article about this tradition last year (Link here!) The article is all about me trying to fit-in with their tradition. I was a person who was just observing back then. This year, I am more likely used to it. I know what’s going to happen and what the program is all about. Like always, me, my husband and my in-laws are gathered together in the same lake where we been before, “Hubertka Lake”.

While me getting used to the tradition; some people isn’t really getting used to see me there as the only Filipina/Asian celebrating the tradition with the locals. It is a small lake so whenever I go for a walk with my husband, everyone are just observing us together. (Giggles)  They just look so curious about us being together,, which is funny.

Anyway, just like last year; there was this wooden stick dressed like a week at the same spot like last year. Children are dressed like a witch, and dancing in the folk music played live by the local old band with three guys performing. Around 6 in the afternoon  we began to grill some sausage together with other people. After grilling sausage we all ate, and enjoy the music; and right after we paused the music and finally witnessed burning the witch (Not real, only wooden stick dressed like witch).

Let me share some of the video I captured with my mobile phone..

Sorry about the quality of the video. It got bad when I shorten it.

Below are just some captures of photos.

That is pretty much it. Have a great day everyone!!!



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