We just moved in last Sunday 13th of November year 2011 at around 9:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening. That was long time moving in because the kitchen developer was still working in our kitchen and hall so we tried to not disturb them while working. We never use any moving track because my in-laws help us moved things to our storage room with their cars. Big help from my mother in-law of course, she always wanted to help us in any possible way.

It was still so empty; it was also because the developer has many clients in the same building where we moved in. Most of them has just kitchen contract with the developer but us? We have everything needs to be fixed by him. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, some stuff in the bathroom and also the toilet stuff plus our hall. Upon moving-in, we only have unfinished kitchen, uncovered bathroom (which is not his fault. Man who was responsible for that got fired. ) and finished bedroom.

Oh my gosh, here is the big problem I don’t have any mirror to use because it wasn’t in the hall and bathroom yet. Mirror is fucking important for me.

In our first night, I wasn’t sure if I really can sleep well or be so comfortable. We went to bath around midnight, while we were in the bath my husband told me that he will rush the developer to put mirror somewhere so I will feel a little better. I was smiling because I didn’t know that he was thinking about that. At first I was denying, I told him I don’t miss mirror, and I don’t need that but he kept arguing about mirror; he said I looked sad because I can’t look at myself in the morning and before sleeping that is why I am so sad and having bad mood.

Well I guess he was right. I am really so sad because I haven’t have any mirror, I had one but really small and only my eye can be seen in there. I guess mirror is important in every woman.

The next day after, he talked to the developer and I was relief. The developer will be putting the mirror at the hall in two days, so I guess I will be so happy and so much excited too to start our new life to our new home.

Here it comes, the moment is here. I was excited and finally waiting for the developer and his men to put some furniture in the living room and the magical mirror. I was waiting until it was like 9:00 in the evening. I looked but still no mirror and then I found out that the mirror will not be able to put it there that day because the manufacturer of the mirror didn’t deliver the mirror to his shop. So that is how the day ends. I have really bad mood and without energy, because I don’t have any choice but to wait and wait.

I am freaking out like stupid, but at least the living room is a little better than before.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Haha I would be sad without a mirror too. Fortunately despite having hardly anything else we have a double mirror on the bathroom medicine cabinet and a full size one in the hall that was there when we moved in

    • we do have full size also at the hall, but still nothing in the bathroom hopefully it arrives today. 🙂 we also didn’t have yet the cabinets in the bathroom 😀 so things are everywhere, mess in short.. 😀

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