“Have you ever been ashamed for yourself while walking with your partner?”


Through curiosity, I asked my husband last night if he ever felt ashamed when he was with me; if he ever ashamed when we were outside walking around; If he ever felt that way even once. I was looking to his eyes while asking him that question, because I wanted to know.

He said he wasn’t because he was proud to have wife like me. He will always be proud because I am awesome. He never had any reason to be ashamed of, because in and out is great; nothing to be ashamed of, because I have great personality that other women can’t have.

I was absolutely curious. I don’t even care how he will respond to that. I saw in his eyes the honesty of a husband to his wife. I am happy, and have lots of energy after that. I know for sure that I never made him embarrass in front of other people. I wanted to make sure that everything is just best and we are doing great in everything. I always want to be the best for my husband, and I’ll do anything I can to be able to be. I never had that much good time these days, because I still don’t have period and my temper was extremely ups and down. Unbelievable!

I have lots of crazy thought and I wanted my husband to respond my question to clear up my mind. I love to do that, from time to time. I probably have depression same like my husband “AUTUMN DEPRESSION”. (Giggling) Crazy, isn’t? I just don’t want our relationship to be same as other couple. Do nothing, than to be insecure. I want everything perfect even it is impossible.

I know that many people here are sometimes ashamed in public when they were with their women. I saw lots of men who are acting like that. I hate it really much, because they are treating women like just a toy. Some are holding their woman’s hand while walking but when they saw pretty lady in the side street oh then time to let go his woman’s hand and look after the pretty lady. It is also happening to women treating their man like a material financer. If he can’t afford then let go! I hate people like that.

They are ashamed to be with their partners because they know that someone is better than him/her. Someone can do better and give better. They don’t know how to value love, relationship, and even themselves!

Oh don’t be mad at me! I am just saying. If it’s you then you must start valuing each day with you partner. Give love, and respect as much as you can. Appreciate every single moment.  Show them how proud you are that you have such awesome partner, holding your hand.

Have a legendary day!



      • A lot do. I used to feel bad for most of my coworkers because they were always complaining about their husbands or wives. How miserable not to enjoy the company of the person you’re with. But it helps me appreciate that I do.

  1. True, lots of people just being so ridiculous even in their own partners in life. They just don’t appreciate what their partners can do and can give as a person. I saw many of them and I really hate it and I was so pity.
    But yeah, it really do helps appreciate our own.. 🙂

  2. I was slim after having my first son and my husband was proud to show me off to the world. But three kids later and 30kilos heavier, he is not as proud. If the relationship is based on other qualities other than the physical you shouldn’t be worried, but if your man only was attracted to you because of how you looked then that is something to question.

    • You are so right! 😀 I gain lots of weight too, a few months back, but different reason than what you had. I ate a lot, makes me gain so much weight, but it didn’t matter to him. 🙂 That is why I am so thankful to have a man who does not care about the looks, he cares of what’s inside my heart; He said.
      Well, of course I am hoping that it will not change forever.

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